ReSharper 8 and VB.NET - True/False or vbTrue/vbFalse?

Mostly summed up in the subject line, but I'm having a problem since upgrading to 8.0.2 Full Version from 5.x Full Version.

- VS2010 Professional on Win7 Professional
- R# 8.0.2
- VB.NET, targeting .NET 2.0

When working in, and attempting to set the value of a Boolean variable, I see that True/False no longer appear in the intellisense list.  Instead, I see vbTrue and vbFalse.  What's worse, if I'm not paying close attention, typing the first couple characters of True or False and hitting TAB (like I would normally do) results in an assignment that I do not want.

I've tried to find the setting in the options, but I've had no luck.  I've also done quite a bit of googling.

Where can I go to get True/False back for VB.NET?


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