inspectcode vs "Naming style - Advanced"

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We're running resharper 8.1 with a team-shared .dotSettings file.
In Code Editing -> C# -> Naming Style -> Advanced Settings, we created an additional rule that Test Methods can be "UpperCamelCase_Underscore_Tolerant".
This works fine whenever running "Find code issues" from within Visual Studio.

However, on our buildserver, we're running the inspectcode.exe 8.1 command line tool (pointed to the correct .dotSettings file).
This tool always reports "InconsistentNaming" for all of our Test Methods.
All of the other rules from our .dotSettings file are applied correctly.

Is "Naming Style -> Advanced Settings" not supported by inspectcode?

Thanks for your time,

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I'm still having the same issue running TeamCity 9.1.5 (build 37377).

We're 2 years later now:
So, on TeamCity, we no longer run the inspectcode.exe, but now use the built-in "Inspections (.NET)" runner.

However, the same issue still persists;
On the buildserver, our "custom settings profile" is attached successfully.
All of the custom rules are applied correctly, except for this Advanced Naming Style.

I cannot find any further documentation on this;
is this feature not supported?


Thanks for your time,


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