Tests stuck on Pending using Jasmine and PhantomJS (R#7, VS2012)

I'm trying to add unit tests to my javascript (in an existing web project) using the built in support for jasmine and phantomjs. My problem is that when I run the tests they just stay on 'Pending'. I also have trouble stopping the execution of the tests. If I try to switching to Browser instead of PhantomJS, Firefox opens up but the page just keeps on loading and nothing happens.

I've actually managed to get this unit test setup working in VS2010 for new empty web project (just to test the feature).

It feels like it's a matter of configuration but I have no clue on how to proceed. Any tips?

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Hm, it seemed to solve itself after I disabled jasmine support and then enabled it again. Actually I disabled it and installed Chutzpah instead and then re-enabled jasmine support, but I don't think that matters. Perhaps a potential bug.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

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Not in March 2014 the problem is still there :-(

I have the same problem in Resharper 8.1 + newest Jasmine + newest Phantom JS :-(

The 1 test i made in always 'pending' :-(


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