How to find usages of inherited symbol, but only for a specific child class?

Give the following class hierarchy,

    class Parent {
        public string Id;
    class Child1: Parent {
            Id = "1";}
    class Child2: Parent {
            Id = "2";
    new Child1().Id = "3";
With the caret on `Id = "1"` inside the constructor of Child1, I want to find all usages of `Id` wrt to `Child1`. Meaning I should see only 2 results, 1 for the usage within the Child1 constructor and 1 for the assignment after created a Child1 instance. Currently if I do `Alt+F7` or `Shft+Alt+F7`, I find 3 usages. The third being the assignment inside the constructor of `Child2`. I have a feeling this might not be possible. Incase it is, please let me know how. I am using R# 8.1 with VS 2012.

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