No intellisense summary for javascript?


I am working with Resharper 8 and VS 2012.  

I am working with Breezejs (and John Papa's SPA demo).  I noticed that I am not getting any summary tag information in my intellisense for the BreezeJS classes.  If I go to Resharper | Options and turn off Resharper intellisense (use Visual Studio intellisense), then I get my summary information.  Is there a setting that I need to be looking at in Resharper, or is this a bug?

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I'm having problems with summary tooltips not showing up too.

In my Scripts folder I have

  • breeze.min.js
  • breeze.intellisense.js

ReSharper will only show info from the min.js file, which isn't helpful.  None of the XML doc comments are being picked up from the intellisense.js file.  ReSharper has no problem displaying summary tooltips when XML doc comments are on a normal JavaScript file.  So why is ReSharper ignoring the intellisense.js file?

I'm using ReSharper 8.2 with VS 2013.


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It looks as if you are talking about the same thing as described it such request - You are welcome to comment and vote for it.


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