Resharper Menu Item Sample partially broken?


I was almost finished with typing a previous version of this message when (by reflex) I hit Ctrl-S and the message disappeared. Not sure if it was sent, or saved somewhere or discarded when I pressed Ctrl-S again to figure out what happend... ok, so here I go again:

when trying the Resharper SDK 8.2 sample MenuItem I found it did basically work, but no icon image appeared and also the menu item did not get greyed/dimmed when IActionHandler.Update() returns false.

Using Visual Studio 2013 command line options /ReSharper.LogLevel Verbose /ReSharper.LogFile "C:\tmp\rs.log" I found the following message:

Unresolved action image JetBrains.ReSharper.PowerToys.MenuItem.resources.testImage.gif. Could not find an image identifier class with such a type name. Should be a fully qualified name of a class with CompiledIconClassAttribute attribute.

With some try & error I managed to get my image icon to be compiled as a themed icon, its Id even shows up in the ActionPresentation passed as argument to IActionHandler.Update(), but no image shows up.

Also under Visual Studio option Tools/Customize.../Commands/Add Command... my menu items do not appear.

Its quite frustrating to be limited to second class menu entries. Can someone point me to a better example on how to achieve fully fledged menu items in a Resharper plugin?



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