Can i make resharper replace a string using ALT + Enter?

Is it possible for me to have resharper to give me the option of replacing a string with underscored text?

Say i have the string...

"this is a string of text"

I would like resharper to give me the option of turning this into: this_is_a_string_of_text.

As far as i am aware, i dont think it is a macro i want as these seem to be used in templates. I think it's a full plugin that i may require.

There are so many types of plugins i am a little overwhealmed, could someone give me some pointers on which plugin i should start looking at in order to give me this functionality.

I used to use a macro in visual studio but they are no longer officially supported.

For reference this is a link to the macro.

Many thanks,

P.s i know i can get something close to this using a macro in a template, but i dont really want this as i want to be able to edit test names without deleting and recreating it again using the template.

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There is an example project that comes with the ReSharper SDK that reverses a string. What you need
is very close to this.

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I'll have a look, many thanks.


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