How to get original type names for elementary types in auto generated fields of particular type in Resharper 8.1?

Everybody knows that we can use `property with backing field` feature in `Resharper` and get something like that:

    public Int32 TestField { get; set; }

Resharper is here.

    public Int32 TestField
        get { return _testField; }
        set { _testField = value; }
    private int _testField;

int is the problem. I don't need this alias, I want to get Int32 type for this operation.
The same if talk about autogenerated method stubs. For example,

    void AutogeneratedStub(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        throw new NotImplementedException();

So again I have object instead of Object

How can I do that? In what options? Version of Resharper is 8.1.

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Hello Pavel,

  There is the following ticket about supporting class names like Object or Int32 -



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