Why R# has to be so counterintuitive?


R# does so many things well but handles few important things in the worst way, why?

  • The quickfix menu is priortizing things in the wrong order! e.g. I'm declaring a variable and say I have the wrong format instead of  having an option to fix the format first it gives me the option to remove,  comment or initialize it from the constructor and I'm not even speaking  about adding access modifiers and stuff... it's just frustrating! it should give me one context menu with all the options, having steps and submenus is not productive at all.
  • Sometimes I need to go through submenus that to be honest doesn't help because it takes the same time to type things e.g. I'm declaring a variable in a function that the type doesn't exist yet, I expect it to have the option to declare it as a field and it gives me that option but I need to go to a submenu, what's more interesting is that the refactoring menu doesn't even give me the option.
  • The Code Formatting in R# is beyond disaster and I don't even understand how you guys accept it? there are so many new techniques and more intuitive design approach to handle this and yet we have to go through checkboxes and dropdowns to choose the code format we want? not to mention that we can't see the big picture, you go through endless amount of options and cannot produce a single document that will tell us how the code looks like or live preview!
  • Code Cleanup options, the feature that should make R# the best productivity tool is the most lacking feature.

Don't get me wrong, I love R# and Live Templates is one of the things that I just love so much but even this sometimes doesn't work and you have to suspend and resume to make the intellisnese for the templates work again.

The way I see it as simple, you keep adding stuff and with each version you push things to the bottom of the list so we get bolated product with unpolished features.

I'm using the latest version of R#.

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