Problems with VS2013 ReSharper Extensions 9/2 (8.2.2001)

After installing the latest extensions this morning, I am getting some false "possible null" warnings.For example, ReSharper now reports that string.Empty may be null, and that string.Format may return null -- neither of which are plausible.I don't know if something is corrupt in my installation, or if some of the changes in this version of the extensions is the cause.Is anyonw else experiencing these false negatives?

I was also having some problems after the ExternalAnnotations extension updated this morning, but now there seems to be a new update (8.2.2001.1) that fixes the problems. Worth a try! :)


yep ... i also grabbed the 'day after' release and it looks much better. those were some pretty serious, yet also fairly localized, errors. i would expect there to be in place some sort of double-check for results that change between releases. i wonder the release process broke down.

but for now, things are looking mucy better.


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