Is there a way to tell ReSharper what type of values it should suggest, specifically in XAML?

If I place the caret between the quotes of the Value property of:

<Trigger Property="Grid.Visibility" Value="|"></Trigger>

and ask ReSharper to autocomplete - it identifies the type according to the Property property (enum System.Windows.Visibility) and suggests the right values (Collaspsed, Hidden and Visible).

However when I create these two dependency properties in my own object (a Behavior<UIElement> specifically), ReSharper obviously remains indifferent when I ask it to autocomplete the Value property (since it's unable to know about the relation to Property type):

<vc:SetPropertyBehavior Property="Grid.Visibility" Value="|"/>

So my question is whether this information (regarding Trigger.Property and Trigger.Value types in this examples) is built-into ReSharper and cannot be changed, or is there a way to tell ReSharper about the type of a certain XAML dependency-property (some attribute on the parameters maybe?)?

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