Slow and Crashing issue for VB


I am using Resharper version 8.x in VS2010 for a fairly large application. However, it has been so slow, and causef multiple crashes a day, so that I had no choice but uninstalling it. I have done some basic research and disabled irrelevent features from Resharper prior to uninstalling. Does anyone know something that would significantly boost its performance? Thanks


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I had the same problems in several R# versions. There are some things which may help. First it's always good to have a 64-bit Windows operating system and more than 4 GB memory. On my laptop with 64-Bit WIndows 8.1 and 8 GB memory i don't have any problems with a 500k LOC VB solution, which crashed several times a day on a 32-Bit Windows with 4 GB memory.

If you are restricted to 32-Bit Windows you could try to enable the /3GB-switch for Windows XP, which should also work for Windows 7 (

And there is a fix from Jetbrains ( This one helped me on a laptop i got from a customer.



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