Does resharper unit test runner with built in nunit have issues with TPL or Threading?

I am about to teach myself about the Task Parallel Library and Extensions, and how to use ThreadPools using .Net 4.5.2 and C#.Before I do, I would like to know if the community can share with me any known restrictions or issues with using Resharper's built-in nunit and test fixture runner. For example, I would like to debug multithreaded code. I would also like to have confidence that the test runner or nunit will not interfere with the .Net environment during code execution. In the past I have been burnt by add-on products not being compliant with the latest-and-greatest in .Net technology. I hope to avoid or workaround a repeat experience.Thank youMy EnvironmentResharper 8.2.3 C# EditionVS2012 Professional.Net 4.5.2Windows 7 Enterprise

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