xUnit support in ReSharper 9 does not appear to be working!

Hello, I installed R# 9 onto Visual Studio 2013 Ult, update 4, on Windows 8.1

Using the latest version of xUnit.net (installed via NuGet, today (2014-12-15) -- I am not able to run unit-tests using the R# test-runner. It did work on my MSTest and NUnit tests though.

I used the ReSharper > Extension Manager, and installed "xUnit.net Test Support for ReSharper 9", 2.0.0, and that did not seem to help! I tried restarting - still nothing.

Is R# dead if we're shifting over to xUnit ?

Thanks for your advice,

James Hurst

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No, ReSharper and xunit can work happily together. Did you restart Visual Studio after installing the extension?

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I had, and that didn't help. But today after a reboot, it *is* working!   Thanks!


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