Lag in Resharper 9 IntelliSense - VS2010

Hi there,

I've recently upgraded from Resharper 8 FULL to Resharper 9 Ultimate.

Since the upgrade I'm noticing a lag in using the autocompletion (IntelliSense) during typing code; it holds back for a short time on displaying text I typed (so not waiting for intellisense to show up) and showing the actual intellisense suggestions.
I'm developing in C# and VS2010.

Is any fundemental changed, and are there settings that could cause this lag?

Please note that, except Resharper 9, there are no other plugins loaded into Visual Studio.
Also the system specs are way sufficient W8Pro, i7 Qcore, 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD.

Thanks in advance.

With kind regards,

Mike van Engelen

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Poking around at it, experiencing crippling lag on version 9 over version 8, not sure why yet... small projects (<2000 lines of code)


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