Recent Files list not working like it used it?

Resharper 9.0.20141204-190166

When I'd pull up the Recent Files list (via Ctrl-E) it used to show a list of accessed files in the order that they were last accessed. This made it very useful for navigating between a group of files you were currently working on.

I am having an issue now where it does not register recent files in the order that they were accessed. Sometimes the recent file does not even appear in the list.

Here's a scenario.

I want to do work in CourseController, CourseService and CourseRepository.
I press Ctrl-Shift-N and type in CC to open CourseController file, make my changes and save
I press Ctrl-Shift-N and type in CR to open CourseRepository file, make my changes and save
I press Ctrl-E because I want to switch back to CourseController but that file is NOT at the top of them list. It sometimes appears further down the list forcing me to browse for it. Sometimes, it does not even appear at all.

Has anyone else reported this issue or does anyone know how to fix it?

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I noticed that clearing the R# cache corrects the issue until I do my first build or if I switch branches in git. It almost seems like those events trigger a full index of all of the project files which impacts the Recent Files list.

I relied on Recent Files heavily prior to the upgrade to 9. I hope that someone knows of a way to fix this.

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I have experienced this same problem. Frustrating as ctrl+e is an integral part of my workflow.


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