Is R# 9 an epic fail?

I have received a new serial key for the new R# 9 yesterday.

Nothing is working correct now:
1) IntelliSense - doesn't work, it is initialized by unrelated items
2) Code inspection - doesn't work, time to time it marks all my code by errors
3) Code navigation - doesn't work, two methods of one interface, one processed correctly the other is not processed correctly

And lot of the other unuseful issues.

Today is a worst day of the year!

Такое впечатление, что на качество при выпуске не смотрели, гнались за деньгами за апдейты?

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Check this out:

I'm also having problems with R# 9. But in my case, I'm using VS 2015 CPT 5

ReSharper marks my code with errors. Definitely, there's a problem there. The code compiles an executes perfectly.

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FWIW my issues I had with RS 9 that I did not experience with RS 7.1 are so far:
1. Code style cleanup needs manual migration (with manual copy of xml comments etc.), this is not mentioned at all during setup.
2. I have had some general issues with code style/formatting settings when going from RS 7.1 => RS 9 that didn't seem to be migrated (I had to recheck them in RS 9).
3. The "use of var" code style has changed significantly from RS 7.1, RS 9 breaks the earlier code style of always having "var" in foreach but in rest of places use it only when type is evident ( )
4. Shortcut for "Inspect Hiearchy" broken in RS 9 (only displays Window)
5. Dialog handling seems to be fragile in some areas ( ), only happened once so far though.
6. "Check for updates" is now a very heavy operation, it performs a large download and you have to avoid focusing vstudio meanwhile otherwise it just stops without telling the result.
7. Seems to have memory leaks, when I work with vstudio throughout the day it steadily increases up to 2GB+ usage, disabling RS I see no such memory increase at all (staying at ~700MB) but OTOH working without RS is a real pain (I have "analyze errors in solution" disabled).
8. Using live templates is a lot slower. Previously I could write "todo"+tab=>start writing, if I had a "todo" template. Now I need to write "todo" => wait seconds for live template to show at all => select the "todo" via arrow down and hit tab to select it => wait until cursor becomes available => start wrtiting. If I am too fast in RS 9 it will navigate me to all kinds of weird places in code and when I type I will change that file instead. Very annoying especially since changing the other file may trigger continuous test runner and then I have to revert change triggering it yet again etc.

8. Noticed that this is not limited to live templates, it is slow generally when editing it seems so if I e.g. type annotation attributes in MVC projects and hitting home/backspace/type characters while RS 9 is processing RS does weird things like navigating to all kinds of files where my typing ends up in.

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I'm also having problems with MSTest.

Before VS 2015 CTP 5, they ran just right. Now, with CTP 5 + ReSharper, tests don't run at all!


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