Can I turn off mouse click completion in IntelliSense?

I am using ReSharper IntelliSense, and I like it over VS IntelliSense, but I need to be able to select an entry from the completion list with a click, like it is with VS IntelliSense. I want to only select it and read the declaration, then complete with a keystroke - not already with the mouseclick, so that I would always have to browse through the list with the arrow keys. This is very cumbersome for long lists.

How can I get VS IntelliSense behaviour for just the mouse?

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Hello Hendrik,

  It isn't possible. There is a similar request in YouTrack Feel free to comment and vote for it.


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Hi Alexander,

I just checked the issue tracker and the issue was originally reported in 2012. We are in 2015 and nobody in JetBrains has addressed this?

JetBrains does not own Visual Studio. Why would ReSharper override a VS built-in feature? R# is a visual studio extension, it should enhance its features, not take over.
users of ReSharper should be given the freedom of choosing which feature they want to turn on or off.


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