Symbol Navigation not working for specific classes?

Recently I've noticed that Resharper has been having problems navigating to specific classes (or their files?) in general. That is, in 95% of cases, Resharper works as expected, but there's a few classes/files in my project that Resharper just fails to work with, and I know it used to work with them before, so I'm trying to figure out what I did that caused this. What happens when I try to do these actions, is literally nothing-- no visual changes anyways, such as a change of focus or anything. I would literally press Enter or double click, and sit waiting for a second thinking it was processing. But in reality, it was doing nothing at all.

I'm talking about all navigation that I can find within Resharper:
* Everything in the "Navigate To..." menu: Declaration, Implementation, etc.
* Resharper's Find Results that are within the class' source .cs file.
* "Go to Type" dialogue (ctrl + T).
* I'm sure there's others? Suggest them and I'll try them out, but I can almost guarantee they won't work.

Note that search results and "Go to Type" still give results for this class, but the results will not navigate to it. For example using "Find Usages" on this class or one of it's members, will bring up a list with all the results I would expect. However, double clicking to navigate to any of these usages that are within the class' source .cs file will not work. Other usages will navigate correctly.

Worth noting is that there are still (mostly hidden by Resharper now..) ways to navigate to the class in question -- but they're all non-Resharper features. Such as using VS's built-in "Find Symbols", etc.. So this leads me to believe that this is an issue with Resharper specifically.

Also worth noting: If the problem file is already open in a tab, all navigation will function correctly.

I've got ReSharper Ultimate 2015.1.1 with ReSharper 9.1.1 installed. I first saw this problem in ReSharper 9.1, so I ran the update (to 9.1.1) to see if that fixed anything. It didn't.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this? Is there a debug console or something I can enable to see what's going on internally in Resharper, perhaps?

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It turns out a different tool was causing the following line to get erroneously added to my .csproj file

<None Include="Assets\Scripts\General" />

This would cause all files under that folder to be unnavigatable to ReSharper.


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