Settings layers confusion

These are my settings layers:-

Solution "xxx" personal
Solution "xxx" team shared
This computer

I've never noticed the last one before, but I've just installed v9 so assume it's something to do with that? Why the padlock icon?

I never use the top two layers, and have always saved my settings to "This computer". I've noticed that the "This computer" GlobalSettingsStorage.DotSettings file only contains a few changes (made since installing 9.1.1), while the "ReSharper80GlobalSettings" file is much larger, and seems to contain all my pre-v9 settings. We have another developer starting soon and I'll need to give him my settings, so do I just need to export these two layers?
His PC will be a clean install so I'm wondering if he'll have the "ReSharper80GlobalSettings" layer. If not, should he import both files to the "This computer" layer instead?

Thanks in advance

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This layer is the old ReSharper 8 global settings file, mounted at a low priority, so the current This Computer layer takes precedence. It's how we merge your previous v8 product specific settings into v9's cross-product settings. It's a readonly settings layer, which means you can't edit it (any changes you make to this layer are not saved). If you want to give a team member your settings, you should give them a copy of the This Computer layer, and the ReSharper80GlobalSettings layer. You can merge them by selecting the ReSharper80GlobalSettings layer and selecting Copy To, and copy all settings to the This Computer layer. You should now only need to give your new starter the This Computer layer.

A better option might be to copy the settings from both ReSharper80GlobalSettings and This Computer into the team shared solution layer, and then commit the .sln.dotSettings file into source control. Then everyone on the team has the same settings.

There are two outstanding issues with regard to ReSharper80GlobalSettings. Firstly, the layer is missing a friendly name and description (RSRP-428034), and secondly, the layer appears even if there isn't a previous ReSharper 8 global settings file (RSRP-43991). These should be fixed as part of 9.2.


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