InspectCode.exe ignoring /x parameter?

I'm trying to test InspectCode to get better statistics from our build server.

However, I get zero feedback to the use of the /x parameter. No matter what I pass, I get no reation. Not even an error message if I pass obvious mistakes.

What it's supposed to do:

  • /extensions (/x) – allows using ReSharper extensions that affect code analysis. To use an extension, specify its ID, which you can find by opening the extension package page in the ReSharper Gallery, and then the Package Statistics page. Multiple values are separated with the semicolon.

I tried:

1) What I want to do:

inspectcode.exe /o="f:\resharpercli.xml" /swea /x=ReSharper.StyleCop "my.sln"

2) Without /x:

inspectcode.exe /o="f:\resharpercli.xml" /swea "my.sln"

3) Just to provoke any reaction:

inspectcode.exe /o="f:\resharpercli.xml" /swea /x=THISISBULL "my.sln"

I always get the same output including a 100% identical output file:

JetBrains Inspect Code 9.1.1
Running in 64-bit mode, .NET runtime 4.0.30319.18444 under Microsoft Windows NT
6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
Enabled solution-wide analysis according to Inspect Code command line Setting.
Analyzing files
[list of files]
Inspection report was written to f:\resharpercli.xml

What am I doing wrong? I would have expected an error message at least?

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Unfortunately, changes to version 9 have meant that extensions are currently unsupported in the command line tools. Version 9 had a major technical refactoring such that all of the products (ReSharper, dotCover, dotTrace, etc.) are now just plugins into the underlying ReSharper Platform, which is itself a plugin to Visual Studio. This changed the way that extensions work, and the dynamic loading that the command line tools was doing no longer works. We hope to re-enable them in a future update. Here's the YouTrack ticket for you to track and vote on:


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