How to disable/suppress the Import Namespace/Class Progress Dialog?


we are using ReSharper 9.1 with Visual Studio 2012, and for version control we use the Perforce Visual Studio extension, P4VS.

While ReSharper is helping me import a missing namespace (by adding the appropriate using statement to the given source file), the Perforce add-in will, naturally, present me to a check-out dialog, so the given source file can be edited by ReSharper. Nice and dandy thus far.

However, what drives me nuts is that somehow, after 500-1000 msecs, ReSharper figures that "this is taking too long", and thus fires up a progress dialog, indicating that it is currently working on importing the necessary namespace/interface/class. The problem is that this progress dialog steals the keyboard focus from the Perforce check-out dialog, which I was just about to select stuff in, using my keyboard. I have found no way of switching back the keyboard focus to the Perforce dialog, without using the mouse.

How can I disable this progress dialog, or at least delay its entry into existence?


Kind regards
Steffen Skov

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