Is there any plans for Resharper to support VS Code?

When Visual Studio Code gets plugin support, are there any plans for ReSharper to support the editor?


ok, so after my negative comment of some month ago i changed my mind :) I switched from VS + VsCode to Rider+Webstorm annnd..... o boys...  i dont think i will never look back. Sure, i need VS for some task (without R#, so is faster) but never, ever, reopened once VsCode: for my personal needs (Huge Angular+Typescript+SASS projects) Webstorm is much, much better. (refactor and search functions saved me tons of time, plus the git support is superb). 

So as long Jetbrains goes well and continue to update Wbstorm & Rider i'm fine, and now i totally see why they made that choice (but i wouldnt bet that in future everything will be the same as now).


I think i'll chime in here as well. I used VS code for a short while at work, and I really didn't like it. 

I switched to rider, and honestly, it worked flawlessly when we were writing an angular app.

Now we use blazor, and Rider isn't quite there yet in regards to that, so i'm back to visual studio.

But once they sort blazor support, i'm back to Rider once more.


Chr4000 excuse me if I'm rude, definitely not my intention. I have a tough time understanding why you shared that on a topic called "Is there any plans for Resharper to support VS Code?".  You liking RIDER is fantastic, enjoy it. But I and many others happened to be liking VSCODE, and we want RESHARPER in it, and I started to get annoyed about how this topic became a RIDER centric one.

For any other RIDER fans, including people who work in JetBrains, please hold it to yourself, at least in this topic.

Thanks in advance.


Cengiz Ilerler

The problem with that sentiment is that Rider is the reason you aren't getting what you want. 

A "Resharper for VSCode" would undercut the market for Rider. If they did this, Rider would go poof. . 

I'm not sure if it is because releasing such a beast would be tantamount to disowning Rider and its userbase, or if VS-Code is just incompatible with JetBrains philosophy in some way...

Just to throw out an example that I have no idea if it is correct or not but wondered:

Say for example that VS-Code is geared to be too much of a file-editor than a project editor for JetBrains. Maybe there is no way for a plugin to rewrite the Ctrl-S key to be a Save-All. Every other Jetbrains product, to my knowledge, behaves like this (even the vim plugin makes "ZZ" and ":w" save all files). I know many people who refuse to use anything from Jetbrains because they hate this behavior.

Again, I have no idea if this is the case, but there is a reason JB decided to write their own .NET IDE rather than migrate to VS Code. 

Once we find out what that is, then we can debate the merits of it. But saying we shouldn't discuss Rider in this thread is saying that we have to ignore why the answer to your question seems to be a "NO". 


Cengiz Ilerler

Half the thread is people berating Rider and the business decision not to support VS code.

Plus it's been stated multiple times, that Rider is the reason not to support VS code. Which i for one is perfectly happy with.

So i'm simply adding that i support Jetbrains in this.


Joe Hertz thanks for your thoughts. And I agree that "saying we shouldn't discuss Rider in this thread is saying that we have to ignore why the answer to your question seems to be a NO".

The reason I think that way is, as you may see after so many comments and many years waiting, JetBrains doesn't even respond to this thread anymore. Discussing why they are not implementing it without them involving makes it only speculation, and won't matter at this point. 

The bottom line is they have to see the strong demand, and we should start discussing once they acknowledge it and say it they are not implementing because "whatever their reason is"


I guess one could open an issue in their issue tracker and see how many votes it will get (if people outside of jetbrains can do that).

Looking at this thread, the demand doesn't seem that big. It has accumulated 4 pages in 4 years.

If it was in their issue tracker with 1000+ votes, i'm sure they would address it.


How about giving people options?   

Paying for a Resharper plug-in to VS Code wouldn't really be much different to purchasing Rider would it?  Except they then cover both bases, instead of the situation we now have where those who don't like Rider, don't buy anything.  And commercial plug-ins for VSC are possible.  Just ask the Wallaby.js guys.

I happen to have a Jetbrains toolbox subscription so obviously I have Rider available to me but I'll be honest here, I just don't like it.  It would be the same reason that I moved to VS Code from Webstorm for web development work, just as soon as VSC became mature enough to offer most of the features I needed.  Rider feels old, ugly, dated and slow in comparison, not to mention the context switching between two IDE's.


Chr4000 unfortunately, I agree on your last comment :'(


Andrew Hirst

It's most likely a lot of work maintaining a product that needs to support an Electron app written in Typescript, and their own IDE written in Java. And if the demand for the VS code plugin isn't there, it's a waste of money.

Also, i'm pretty sure that in 2020, they will focus on performance for their IDE's


Chr4000 They can not decide based on this silly forum topic. And I don't see them sending out a survey to their customer base and asking, "would you willing to pay for a VSCODE extension". (at least I didn't receive such a thing). There is something else that is going on, and for some reason, they are against it from the core. However, such a survey would give them a great "insight" if they were interested in it.


Cengiz Ilerler

I guess the reason is all the time they invest in Rider and Webstorm. It seems that a lot of webstorm features gets included in Rider.


Chr4000 maybe you are right, or maybe not. I believe JetBrains is still upset that Microsoft didn't acquire them in the past and implemented the most important features into the Visual Studio. Most likely, JetBrains decided not to go with Microsoft way anymore.  Again pure speculation, and will stay as it is until they provide insight about it.  Let's wait until we hear from them, and hope that they will be kind enough to respond to us.


I would be VERY surprised if they hadn't evaluated the feasibility of writing this plug-in.  I mean, they have all the rules, suggestions, etc. sat right there.  Perhaps they just don't have any expertise outside of their core Java development skills?


I know they have .NET experts there also :) 

But with almost 1000 employees i'm sure they have more than just java expertise.


Hey there.

Got a new job, and VSCode is mandatory. So I'm canceling my R# subscription.

I understand Jetbrains decision; after all, Microsoft did a lot to try to match R# features directly in Visual Studio. However, I still think it was a wrong business decision, and that they are actively shrinking their market share. I bet their sales figures for Rider are good, but I wonder if they are missing out on plugin sales with this decision.

Anyways, I'm really bummed out for not having R# features in VSC, but I'll have to make do with what I have.


haha, remember when jetbrains was a thing? lolol me neither


Ditto. ReSharper is now the only reason I still use VS. I've moved to VSCode on NixOS on Arm64 (on MacOS Parallels VM). It's so effing lovely! So lightweight. So fast. Etc. I resented Windows for years. Now I resent (sorry) you guys (sorry again). Literally the only reason I still have to touch Windows. Please please please I am begging for this…


Now that Microsoft is killing VS for Mac, are there still no plans for support of VS Code?


Bo Norgaard, regrettably, there are currently no plans to integrate ReSharper into VS Code.


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