Is there any plans for Resharper to support VS Code?

When Visual Studio Code gets plugin support, are there any plans for ReSharper to support the editor?


I switch between VS Code and Visual Studio (which I've used for more than 20 years).  And I truly dread those times that I have to switch back to full-bloated Visual Studio.  I miss having R#, but I hate the bloat even more.  The market will figure this out either way.  I really, really hope to see a paid option in the marketplace since paid options tend to have more in-depth features and support over time.


I doubt that anyone on the R# team is watching this thread anymore, after all, they've already aggressively said that they would never "change their minds".  But, just in case:

Wanted to give you the heads' up that our client is finally going away from Silverlight, and we're moving into Angular.  This is going to require a full rewrite of the front-end, and after that, we're scrapping VS and switching to VSC entirely.  We have over 100 developers alone (many of our testers also have IDEs and R# installed), all of which are responsible for 2 licenses each (we all have R# on our home computers, as well as licenses for our work computers). 

If JetBrains continues to dig their heels in with such a horrible business decision, count on another 200+ licenses disappearing in the next few months.

Resharper is a fantastic product.  And it's a product the people clearly want.  (It's honestly the ONLY reason I even have a subscription.  Check my metrics.  I've installed WebStorm once or twice, but never can get into it.)  

Ignoring your customers is a fantastic way to create a void in the marketplace for competition to come in and put you out of business.


Ok, lets try a different approach.


Lets just leave that here :)




reverse psychology? not sure if it works :) But JB is truly missing a market here. but that is the nature of companies. some get it, some not. others will come.


R# support for VS Code is not needed for web-development anymore. Plugins do their job perfectly, especially for Angular.

R# has to do nothing with VS Code. C++ and C# are still better handled in Visual Studio which is of course bloated with features, but with conjunction of R# you will do your work fast. Despite support of C# and C++ in Vs Code - that support is ugly now.


Please, please, PLEASE reconsider.  I would love to walk away from Visual Studio, it's so slow for everything, especially when R# is being used, the *ONLY* thing I dislike about Code is that it doesn't have R#!  I have tried Rider, it's ok, not great, not terrible, but not my preferred editor, like a lot of other people.  Make Rider free, and charge for R# extensions, and also offer them for Code!


One year later, there's been no development on this idea huh.. :/


"Yes, JetBrains Team is definitely reading this thread. As Jura Gorohovsky mentioned above, we are not planning to support VS Code. We've made a decision to put a lot of efforts/investments to Rider and we are not going to change our mind."


Honestly, this is mismanagement. ReSharper is a jackpot product most companies would kill for and you're blowing up yourself due to a textbox example of the "Not invented here" - syndrome.


Reconsider this decision for the sake of thousands of developers and your company's future.


btw, what is "Rider"?


I'm a massive fan of the Jetbrains IDE's as automating DevOps pipelines means I have good language support but small changes to learn in the IDE, however for Azure Functions VS Code just works so I will look to incorporate it alongside.

As for the commercials then VS Code is now the #1 popular development environment in the StackOverflow survey.

  • Visual Studio Code: 34.9%
  • Visual Studio: 34.3%
  • Notepad++: 34.2%

That's a lot of market share to turn down.


My company (Traderhut Games/Consulting + another I work for) just moved to VS Code -  away from VS 2017, we don't even have our web code in our VS project anymore, so anyone wanting to pop over to that and edit it in VS is SOL.  (Me.)

One Ironic thing is that people are saying they want VS Code to have all the awesome features of VS... but not the bloat.  Yeah, I want my 0 calorie 3 course meal, with a extra deserts..  What do you think bloated VS?  If not the addition of all those features?

Further Ironically,  I just got a Resharper license about a month ago for VS 2017, and now it is useless.  I REALLY like it, but a lot of the features seem like they wouldn't transfer well to VS Code.   It does seem to slow down VS about 50%...  So, let's see you are looking at time in VS vs VS Code:


VS Code:  **

VS 2017:  ***********************

VS 2017:   ***********************RRRRRRRRRR     (With Resharper)


So, you all want:

VS Code: **RRRRRRRRRR   (With Resharper)


I'm expecting you all to jump up and down and scream about how it is now taking 6 times longer to do anything because Resharper is scanning all the files and building up all those features that you want in resharper.... and you *didn't* want bloat.


I love Resharper, but like JetBrains, perhaps it is time to die?   (It is the ONLY product I've ever used from the company, so at least, from my standpoint, it may not have any life left)


I'm not seeing a solution for them either.  I mean, if they cut out features like a crazed barbarian with two swords, you *might* end up with
VS Code: **RRR


Which, I'm SURE people would complain like heck about!!

In the past, my only issue with Resharper was it sometimes crashed VS, and it was slower than heck.   The 2017 version hasn't made my experience unusable like pervious versions did, but I just don't see how it works in VS Code as a product.


  -Traderhut Games



@Traderhut Games Where is JetBrains Rider in your comparison? It is fast and has Re# features. The slowness of VS+Re# is mainly due to the fact VS is x86, which cuts the amount of used memory, causing massive GC.


Can anyone recommend a decent C# linter? I really like Re# for its linting capabilities.


Although Rider looks compelling, not sure if we have time to learn another IDE, after spending years with VS and now 50/50 VS/VSCode.  The market will dictate the decisions - if enough devs move away from VS to VSCode (and not to Rider), then perhaps they will reconsider.  In any event, you can always vote with your membership and walk with your perpetual license.


JetBrains once was this nieche thing that you would keep next to your screwdriver. Cherish it and tell your friends about it. You would have standoffs when they pulled a Coderush on you, but you would come on top being a bit less intrusive.
Now I feel things have changed, products are being pushed onto us, and we haven't really asked for it.
At best we said... that might be nice, but our mind was always at the invisible glove that reshaped the code in perfect harmony with our desire.

Please remember what we remember of you.

One Resharper please. We're at the VSCode table.


"We've made a decision to put a lot of efforts/investments to Rider "

I think what they really mean is that they already HAVE put a lot of effort/investments to Rider, and don't want to admit that it was wrong or don't want to see that getting wasted.


@Pravin Chaudhary -  

Couldn't agree more.  Sadly, as predicted, our development house dropped all subscriptions to R#.  I've also dropped my home/personal subscription (again, feel free to check my account, R# team).  R# is a great product, and one I would gladly keep up a subscription for, just to keep supporting it.  VSCode would benefit SO much from it.  Sadly, according the R# team, though, "we are not planning to support VS Code... and we are not going to change our mind."  

Obviously, I have no insight into how the JetBrains company operates, or what percentage of their budget R# accounts for, but this does certainly seem to be a desperately bad decision.


JetBrains, why don't you send a survey to your customer base, to find out what they are thinking about Rider vs. VSCODE.

As @Javin many of us moving forward with cutting R# subscriptions off and would activate the subscription in a heartbeat if it would support VSCODE.

JetBrains, please hear your customers, we do not want to play with Rider, our toy is VSCODE, and we all want to have the greatest weapon called R# in it...


JB does not have a lock on the R# functionality.  Why not as a community of developers we band together and write our own R# extension for VSC.  It is apparent JB is heavily invested in Rider, which they should be.  A fully integrated IDE that they control makes more sense for them.  Let them chase that market, but at the same time let us develop the tools we need for our market, which is a lightweight IDE that can be used for a variety of projects.  We should create a channel (Slack, Discord, etc.) where can discuss the features needed, implement a plan and start developing the extension.


@Njitman - This is certainly an option, but it would be no small amount of work.

JetBrains already has the code base, the talent, and the experience.  And their products really are excellent.  It would just be a smart business decision for them to pivot.  

But if someone does want to spin up an OpenSource option to replace R#, I'd gladly support it, even through Patreon.


If JB has not started on a VSC extension for R#, they would have a good amount of dev work ahead as well.  Granted, they have all of the code, etc. so definitely faster for them to come to market.  But an open source deal could create a small feature set to start (the ones we all know and love) and then add new features on incremental releases.


VS Code is getting better with each release, I actually look FW to reading the release notes. The GAP between default VS Code with the most common extensions and R# is getting smaller.

tbh, I am just kinda getting over this now.. R# is becoming a distant memory. Last years tool. 


Agreed, this post is 4 years old.  I have learned to live without R# when working in VSC,mainly because of how fast it is versus VS 2017/2019.  The productivity gains available are good enough for me.  But, I still enjoyed some of R# features so I  would definitely support an effort to make an extension that brought that functionality to VSC.


Getting r# on VS Code would be a good thing for sure, but in the last year VS Code and plugins have made a big jump ahead.

I would pay for it but things have changed, and is not needed as before.(for web developement).

The "funny" thing is that the popularity of VS Code is skyrocketing every year (check, for example, the stackoverflow survey), new enahncements and plugins are filling the gap with r# (again: i'm speaking for web developement).

I just cant understand the decision to ignore it but... i dont care :) I just renewed my subscription until mid 2020, i'm not sure i will renew in future.



I think the JetBrains team meant to say: "We are listening to you and appreciate your support.  Without your support, we would not have job.  At this point, we have made the business decision to put all of our focus on developing Rider, however we will continue to listen to our valued customers.  Thanks for your understanding."


I currently use Rider and love it. I totally support your decision to focus on Rider. However, it would be amazing to open a public API to R# so the community could make a vscode integration for you.

I for one would be a contributor to such a project.

Never underestimate the power of open source projects :)



"We've made a decision to put a lot of efforts/investments to Rider "

hmmm... I am sure you have your reasons, but they don't seem to align with vast majority of developers' needs and wants. Ever heard of "sunken costs fallacy"?

I have recently renewed my R# licence, but we might quite possibly end up abandoning VS, in favor of Code (and I would not be surprised AT ALL, if Microsoft have integrated Code as VS' editor in the future, somehow.

So, ekhem. The market has spoken... Will JetBrains listen?


Michal B I think your Google trend comparison is a little misleading as VS Code is used for many things whereas Rider is just a .Net IDE. I would argue that the vast majority of .Net developers would still be using Visual Studio - and rider is certainly faster than that!


Anyway, I support the decision not to provide R# to VS Code. I like VS Code but whenever I try to switch from WebStorm (for angular/Ionic projects) I find that VS Code doesn't quite cut it. But I have recently tried Rider on my Mac and it's pretty good also I wish they would get the Azure devops thing working.


you are missing my point, Jason. While I don't  deny that you, JetBrains and three other people prefer Rider (and it is I believe, objectively BETTER at this one specific thing, ie C# refactoring - being Resharper), the market momentum  is somewhere else, and it is VERY unlikely to change, at this stage. All I am saying.


Terrible business decision not to support VSCode. I will never buy Rider because of terrible theming/look and feel. I tried very hard to like Web Storm once, in the end, I decided it is not worth it, my eyes bleed whenever I look at those ugly interfaces.

And when I see Rider is based on the same interface, I did not even bother to try.

Since JetBrains isn't interested in selling in making money with VSCode, fine... I hope one-day VSCode gets so good we no longer need R#.



I am terribly disappointed with JetBrains decision. Javascript world is steadily moving towards Typescript and the go to tool for Typescript developers is Visual Studio Code, not to mention other languages that found Visual Studio Code the perfect IDE to customize for their needs. I'm sure on one thing - someone will fill the empty space as they already do. VS Code already supports minimal refactoring and productivity enhancement features and people will add more as time goes by, it just seems to me that it wouldn't be as big of a project to integrate Resharper with VS Code vs doing all of that work all over again from scratch.


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