Is there any plans for Resharper to support VS Code?

When Visual Studio Code gets plugin support, are there any plans for ReSharper to support the editor?


They're living in the past, like most of us have been at some point until the penny drops. 

The point is that free offerings, VS Code being one such example, have become so good that the difference between using it and buying something that is arguably not much better is negligible.  You could also say the same about Resharper.  Much as I would definitely pay for it, the difference between what it offers and what you can now get from a handful of VS Code extensions isn't that great.  Sure, it would be better to just pay a small amount to have Resharper instead of harvesting all these plug-ins, but ultimately if it doesn't appear, it's not the end of the world.  But it's a very risky decision sticking with a business model that worked 10 years ago when the rest of the world has moved on.

I've tried Rider and it is way more productive than VS Code for C# development.  Massively so.  Would I buy it?  No and I have plenty of money to spare.  Why?  Very simple.  I'd like to settle on a single editor for doing all my work (.NET, Javascript, etc).  Full VS is lacking in this regard.  Webstorm is bloated and the debugging of Angular/TypeScript is sluggish compared to VS Code.  Rider isn't Javascript focused enough and to be honest I detest applications written in Java. So, just how would Jetbrains make a single penny more from me?  The only answer is a Resharper extension for VS Code.

Ignore the customer at your peril Jetbrains.


@Andrew, would you mind posting your list of extensions for VS Code that you think helps?


Here is what I'm using for Angular development, that gives me most of what Webstorm provides (but a lot snappier):

For .NET development there's still a void (hence this article) but see this link:

Of course, what we'd really like are the features of Resharper for .NET development and the features of Webstorm for web development, all in a single extension or two for an editor that has massive momentum and adoption in the dev community.



I want to bump this question, because i'm using R# last years and considering now whether to continue subscription or not.

WPF is dead and i'm a web developer now.

Visual Studio is bad IDE for Angular Web-Development. Its slow, x86 and overloaded. Microsoft said when i opened ticket about x64 IDE with less functional, rewritten without crappy c++ - that they wont do that because it will complicate VS development (shipping of x86 and x64 and all plugins will have to be rewritten, which is sad for me. Almost all my folks moved to Visual Studio Code for Front-End development and to Linux. Could you please rethink over supporting Visual Studio Code for Web-Development on Angular at least as a cross-platform plugin for this IDE. And other modern web-development platforms. I think you can add value in this sphear. 

Back-end is still on .Net but R# value for me decreased because I'm using primarily Ctrl+T for types navigation while some time ago I was using extensively for refactoring and WPF features were awesome as well.

That's what I want to say.


Please integrate ReSharper into VSCode!

VSCode is a superior editor with endless customizations. This is the kind of an editor that's easy to convert into a full featured IDE for almost any kind of project one can dream up. Should one need to work with Scala, Elixir, PHP or Python, etc. - no problem! Themes are awesome (like Monokai Pro -- paid theme, btw). Editing experience is amazing! Git integration is superior likewise! Working in VSCode is a pure joy in any programming language or type of project. VSCode is designed with great tooling in mind.

I use Rider pretty much for liniting and building .Net Framework projects only when I'm ready to commit my work (just because the company provides licensing for it). Once we move away to .NET Core completely, it's gonna be "good-buy Rider!"

It's a shame... please reconsider.





I LOL'd. I mean really. It is thousands of miles away from being vs2017 + R# level of productivity.

While I appreciate VS code for small projects and edits, it is not suited for big projects



I can't really argue with that.  I'm OK with VSC for doing my Angular work but it's hopeless for .NET development.  Rider leaves it for dead but there's something about Rider I just don't like, much like WebStorm.  Whilst both are very productive they feel sluggish and dated.  R# for VSC would be absolute heaven - one super fast and productive editor for most of my work.


@Andrew Well, as I'd like to have R# for VSC it just can't replace VS for me for now.

I like VS toolbar, Tasks/unit test explorer, web publish tools, xml transform tools etc etc

As for sluggish: you can't be snappy if you do much work behind the scenes, think like: notepad++ < VSC < VS < VS + R#


Personally, when my R# subs expires in January I'll have to consider very carefully whether it is really worth renewing without vsCode support as that is where the tide is taking more and more of my work. Plus it's just so much nicer than full fat VS2017.

Would hate to leave the JB family, but thems the breaks.


Would also like to throw my support and $$$ behind a R#-like refactoring experience in VS code. As an active Customer for R#/Rider I can appreciate the amount of investment and effort JetBrains is putting into Rider but don't see how they're going to be able to curtail's VS code's adoption + extension community. Sometimes it's not up to the technology and you have to go where the Customers are going to be and IMO it's better to be the one to cannibalize your own products than wait for someone else to fill the demand void. I definitely don't expect Rider/R# to be dropped and would expect there sales to continue to pay for their development, likewise I'd expect a VS code R# extension to be able to pay for itself which hopefully would be able to re-use the background R# language service to reduce effort.

From a Customers perspective: I frequently use VS Code, VS.NET/R# and Rider and would prefer to just be able to use VS Code since it's my goto editor for .NET Core 2.0 Apps and all non C#/.NET languages, for larger code bases I switch back to Rider/VS.NET R# since the refactoring and discovering experience is unmatched, but I'd prefer not having to and would happily pay for R#-like features in VS Code. 

In future I'll be continuing my current behavior of using Rider/R# for larger code-bases and VS code for our smaller ones, but if VS code starts to match R#'s abilities than I'd expect that I'd be using Rider/R# less to the point that hopefully I'll only need to use one IDE for all my needs. If JetBrains isn't there with a value-added product when that happens then I guess they've lost a customer.


Fingers crossed you can create an extension before someone writes one for free that takes off


I'm went for the All Products Pack because I wanted Resharper and IDEA and the price was right for the upgrade. This essentially gets me a free-for-forever-trial of Rider, so I keep it updated in Jetbrains ToolBox and look at it from time to time.

For starters, Rider is supposed to be getting a UI editor "Real Soon Now". And I know youre working on it like crazy, but if you want people to use Rider, it needs to be a *preferable* alternative to VS Code *or* VS 2017.

But it's not. It's simply missing too much to be usable for me. This doesn't bother me. I'm going along with Visual Studio and Resharper like I planned on at the moment.

But this also means that if I find myself having to move to VS Code before you have made Rider that preferable alternative, I may have to rethink what I am willing to buy from you. 

I'm chiming in here to let you know that this day may be coming. I only found this thread because I'm considering VS Code and wanted to know if you supported it. 

I love you guys, but do what you need to do. 

Good luck, we're all counting on you.


@joe herts - I agree totally. I also have a full subscription and I am one happy bunny without resharper in vscode. I find some of the raging on this thread bizarre. It smacks of CSharp devs who have had JavaScript rammed down their throats and the only way they can figure out how to do their JavaScript work is through VsCode and they get frustrated every time they have to fire up Visual Studio to get at those awesome Resharper features to do their CSharp work. Peculiar that they would take it out on Jetbrains, maybe they should winge at the VsCode team for not supporting Visual Studio plug-ins? That would make more sense to me.

@Jetbrains - you guys rock. I have high hopes that Rider will beat VsStudio one day. Keep at it.

@VsCoders - you are using the wrong tool for the job! Now get over it and move on.


@Fir3pho3nixx I use VS Code because I write .NET Core code on Mac, Linux and Windows (depending on who I'm doing work for) and enjoy the consistent experience.  Secondly, VS Code is lightning fast and has extensions for all the other languages I work with.  I won't bore you with all of the technical limitations of VS2017 (e.g. 32 bit) and their impact on large real world solutions, I'll instead just recommend that you educate yourself before announcing that people are using the wrong tool.

As fans of VS Code and fans of Resharper, we came here to ask that JetBrains don't build a subpar facsimile of an IDE we've already moved on from and instead provide their excellent tooling as a local service that can be integrated into anything (a la OmniSharp).  What they do with that is, of course, completely up to them.


@Stevelillis - Firstly I don’t think Visual Studio is going to die anytime soon, you “moving on” as you say was probably ill advised due to the lack of tooling on these other OS’s. I also do netcore, my preference is still Windows 10 + VS 2017 + Resharper for development, where it ends up running is (or should be) arbitrary. Secondly, if I was a developer on Rider I would find your “subpar” comment a little offensive. Visual Studio has been through years and years of design, development and user feedback. Did you honestly think v1 of Rider would compete with that? I did not but I am hoping one day it will! I also think you are suffering from confusion when it comes to what this thread is about. It is not a petition against Rider, it is support for Resharper in VsCode. I also won’t bore you with the details by citing the ridiculous threats of boycotting Jetbrains either, this is me sticking my hand up and saying: “Dear Jetbrains, regardless of all the negativity and rage on this thread, I commend your efforts and you are doing a good job! I stand by your decision not to support Resharper on VsCode and hope you will continue your efforts with Rider”. Nobody said if you are doing netcore for Linux that you have to use VsCode on Ubuntu, unless of course you are developing directly on the production server ;)


@Fir3pho3nixx By "for work" I meant that my home machine is Linux and my two work-provided machines are a Macbook and a Windows machine.  I thought that would have been obvious, but I can see from your posts thus far that you assume little of people don't who make the same professional choices as you, instead choosing to jump to conclusions and then patronise.

The only "lack of tooling" is that Resharper would be a nice to have, I'm not dying without it.  If you read the entire thread, you'll see that JetBrains have specifically stated that they won't support VSCode because they are focusing on Rider so I, like others, joined this thread to add my two cents of "I like Resharper, I don't like Rider".

In answer to your question, no, I do not expect that v1 Rider would compete with VS2017, that is entirely my point: why rebuild an already established IDE and tightly integrate the Resharper product, when instead they could be loosely integrated?

Everybody before you has been adding their opinion of JetBrains' choice, as is the purpose of this thread.  You instead decided to post your opinion of other people's opinions, make condescending assumptions of how they arrived at those opinions and then tell them that you are right and they are wrong.  This is the only reason I have engaged you directly on the matter, I really don't care if you use VS2017, Rider, Atom or anything else.


@Stevelillis - Having a go at me or Jetbrains wont change anything. I am sure you can appreciate there is no 1 to 1 feature mapping between VsCode and VStudio so the "loose coupling" you mention would still require a significant amount of effort. They are pursuing a gap in the market where the IDE runs on everything which to me seems reasonable because VStudio does not (but I am sure Microsoft are looking at this also, I believe you can run VStudio on a mac,

It is an IDE race which I hope Jetbrains will bottom out first.  

As for the opinions on this thread, you should probably start reading from the top down to see what I am talking about when I mention the threats of boycott. Last I checked threats were not opinions. 

I also really do not care what "real world" applications you supposedly build or what you setup at home or work is. Quid pro quo. 



Go look up the meaning of the word boycott and stop putting words in my mouth.


@Tom Maxwell83 - I never mentioned you at all but here is the definition for clarity.  


1. withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest.
"we will boycott all banks which take part in the loans scheme"

1. a punitive ban on relations with other bodies, cooperation with a policy, or the handling of goods.
"a boycott of the negotiations"



Fir3pho3nixx. I'm not sure why you say you agree with me because I'm not at all sure I agree with you.

I don't have a dog in this fight. In fact, I didn't know there was one. I just showed up and walked into the middle of it by accident.

I'm just getting to the point I need to consider what to do for the future (my .NET skills are a few years old and in the process of playing catchup I found myself at this juncture), so I would think I'm sample of the market Jetbrains really cares about: A current AllProducts customer they want to retain . My concern is that it really doesn't look good for them right now on the tools that got me to upgrade..

This bothers me butin the "ZOMG!!! I'm an abandoned customer! >PITCHFORKS!!!<" sense. It bothers me in the sense of: I'm got a favorite team I'm rooting for and I'm seeing them fall behind, and want them to pull out the win.


@Joe Hertz - Did not get a sense of you holding up pitchfork, thought your post was kind and honest. I wish you the best of luck with the learning endeavour. 

** Edited **

I am also rooting for the underdog :) Whether they will win is another matter entirely, it will take some time I think.


I would also like a plug in for VSCode that provides Resharper level refactorings.  Just saying.


no chance. writing this since years. they dont bring it


Well I've cancelled my subscription.  As a consultant I need to use the best tools for the job and to engage my clients eco-system.  More often than not this is no longer C# and Windows.

I've tried to use WebStorm but the total lack of a VS Studio Keyboard map just kills it for me.  Plus the IDE looks and feels terrible on Windows.

VSCode is gaining ground, nobody is going to use Rider in a professional sense, why would they?



so, today my perpetual license for R# expired and there's no way I'm renewing it as I only use full VS under duress.  However, I'm licensed up to 2016.3 of R# but this won't install into Visual Studio 2017 v 15.5 (only supports v15.3).   

Either purchase a new license or downgrade Visual Studio 2017 to v15.3.   Given I rarely use full fat VS these days I'll be doing neither and I definitely won't be buying Rider.  But I would have purchased a R# extension for VS Code.

Another customer lost.  


Can someone please make the title of this thread "mistrak" free?


Totally agree, i shall stop using and subscribing if there is no support for vscode, Rider just does not work!!

Please lets have a plugin for vscode or goodbye resharper!


Rider seems very outdated IDE. You just need to create good extension for VS Code because Omnisharp is a little buggy.



... and propper refactorings ...


Push. This feature is a must have. Visual Studio Code is really good and fast. Your IDE Rider is in my opinion not worth working with which I already did half of a year. I sadly must say the design handling etc is not innovative. The only reason why I tried it is that it is not as slow as visual studio but as soon as you try out different configurations this point gets lost.


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