Resharper 9.2/10 WPF VB Ambiguous References Bug

Reproduce Problem

1. Open VS2015
2. Create a brand new VB WPF Desktop application
3. Add single control to the MainWindow.xaml
4. Name the control (e.g btntest)
5. Goto code file and handle any event e.g.

Private Sub btntest_Click(sender As Object, e As RoutedEventArgs) Handles btntest.Click

End Sub

6. Resharper will flag up "" with the following errors;

Solution WpfApplication1.sln
    Project WpfApplication1
      WpfApplication1\MainWindow.xaml.vb:2 Ambiguous reference:
  Friend Field test As Button (in Class MainWindow)
  Friend Field test As Button (in Class MainWindow)

Solution WpfApplication1.sln
    Project WpfApplication1
      WpfApplication1\MainWindow.xaml.vb:2 Cannot resolve symbol 'Click'

Both these error come under "VB Compiler Errors" yet the program will build just fine.

There is also no way to hide these errors even if that is the correct thing to do. My current project now displays 1594 errors littering my code which is irritating.

Does anyone else have this issue and have they found a way around it. It seems like Resharper is finding all controls twice and doesn't know which one is real even though there is only one control.

All versions prior to 9.2 didn't detect this as an issue.




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Hi Michael,

This has been fixed in ReSharper 10.1 EAP 1 .

You should be able to get a copy here;

Hope this helps,



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