Is the Regular Expression validation tool broken in 10.1?

The R# Regular Expression validator tool no longer works for me in version 10.1.  Version 9 is ok.  Version 10 is ok.  (Other members in my team have older versions of R#)

I have some regular expressions that were developed and tested using a version of R# earlier than 10.1.  Today I came to make a simple change to one of them.  Having made it, I was suprised to find that the validation tool showed it to be incorrect.  I rolled out my change and the validation tool STILL showed it to be incorrect!

Here is a simple example.

Regular expression = "^ABC$"
Test string "ABC"

9.1 says Match
10.0 says Match
10.1 says No Match

10.1 says Match only if I remove the trailing '$' character.

I have none of the regular expression options selected.  I do not have the "Check lines separately" check-box ticked.  I do not have any additional lines under the test string within the tool.  I do not have any white-space beyond the end of the characters shown.  I do not have any whitespace prior to the characters shown.

This simple C# script returns 'true', as expected:

var reg = new Regex("^ABC$");
var result = reg.Match("ABC");

Is the validation tool broken now in terms of its handling of the '$' anchor character?

David Razzetti

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Hello David

  Please send me a screenshot of "Validate Regular Expression" window where R# shows you the error. Since R# matches mentioned string for me.


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Having stopped and re-started VisualStudio 2013 for an un-related reason, it now works properly for me.

I have witnesses who watched me put in the expression and the test string and saw that it didn't match with the '$' sign present.

What ever was wrong must be very obscure, I have tried re-doing all the things I was doing when it wasn't working and its flawless now.


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