Resharper Ultimate Still Slow (after following recommendations)


I recently upgraded to Resharper Ultimate. My laptop has 8GB of RAM (maxed out) and SSD. The project I am working on has about 20 web projects on VS2015. Previous version of resharper did not experience any speed issues. I followed all valid recommendations on the article:

When starting the work, resharper takes about 450MB of RAM and it showly increases to about 750MB over the course of few hours(I tried garbage collection manually but that did not help!). Then everything in the project goes slow and ultimately I have to either close visual studio or reboot the machine to get it back again.

Currently I am disabling and enabling resharper a lot which affects productivity.

Anyone has any other recommendataions other than replacing my computer?

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If you notice any problems with performance, could you please help us to determine the cause of the issue by profiling Visual Studio for us - please follow the instructions described here to collect a snapshot and send it to us.



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