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Very strange, it should.

Please check that you context action is shown in the context actions list in
options (.e. visit ReShrpaer->Option->C#->Context actions and check if your
action "Shows up in yellow bulb list" is there). If not, then it looks like
ReSharper haven't loaded your class at all. Please could you then e-mail me
your plug-in to check what is wrong with it?

Eugene Pasynkov
ReSharper Technical Lead
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

"Carlos Ribas" <no_reply@jetbrains.com> wrote in message

I'm trying to write a context action that will display in the parameters
of a method. I cannot get my context action to come up at all; it is like
it is not being recognized by ReSharper.


I'm developing for ReSharper 4.5 and I have some highlighting code working
just fine for some custom warnings. What I want is to have my custom bulb
item show up in the yellow light bulb when the cursor is in a method
parameter list.


I've created a class in my plugin assembly like this:


[ContextAction(Description = "Trying to get something to show up in the
yellow bulb list", Group = "C#", Name = "Shows up in yellow bulb list")]
public class MyCustomAction : OneItemContextActionBase
public MyCustomAction(ICSharpContextActionDataProvider provider) :


And implemented the required methods, but it seems none of my code is ever
being called. I have added some trace file writing code to my class and
the constructor is never being called nor is the IsAvailableInternal()
being called.


Is there something special I have to do to get resharper to see my




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I figured it out!  I feel slightly dumb, but here's the explanation:

I was forced to update my R# 4.5 because the build I was using expired.  When I did that, the binaries referenced by my plugin project were now different than the ones in the R# installation.  The attribute for a context action was moved between the two builds I was using. 

So, my plugin built just fine and R# loaded it just fine, but R# did not see the attribute it was looking for on my class because my class was referencing some other (now non-existant) location for the attribute.

Make sense?   Anyway, updating the binaries made it work.



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