Using VS2015, can I restrict resharper to C++11 features?

I'm working on a project that must target C++11 for cross platform compatibility, but the resharper C++ plugin keeps suggesting C++14 features for me to use.  Can I update the project specific settings for Resharper so it will restrict the corrections and suggestions to features of C++11?


Hello David,
Which C++14 features specifically do you mean? There is currently no way to globally restrict R++ to a specific standard, but most inspections can be turned off individually.


The one that tripped me up this week was where it suggested me to use std::make_unique instead of a unique_ptr constructor.  I accepted this suggestion and it looked fine on Visual Studio, but broke for Android (on the gcc compiler) and had to be reverted.


Right, that might be the only C++14-specific feature that R++ supports at the moment. I'd suggest defining make_unique for the android platform, since this wrapper is handy and takes just a few lines. But otherwise you can always disable it globally either using the inspection's context menu, or via "ReSharper->Options->Code Inspection->Inspection Severity->C++->Common Practices and Code Improvements->Constructor of smart pointer used instead of its make function". The only downside is that it will also disable inspections for shared_ptrs.


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