Can't install Resharper on Window 10 in Visual studio community 2015 update 3.


When i install resharper ,it always failed , neither tell me the Install.packed not work nor tell me the install finished but has some error ,at last  can't find resharper in my visual studio community 2015 update 3. but i had success install it on my company compute in work place. this is my first tme to see there error and  always failed to install it. At last , i even uninstall the visual studio commnity 2015 ,and reinstall it. but still can't install resharper. please help me what  i should do ?  i had try your solution launch it from temp folder the platform install file. but nothing help. does i should reinstall my OS system ?

the following is  other error  which is from the resharper 2016.1  install process.

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Please create a new support ticket (Submit a request button above) and attach an installation log file to that.

Also please try collecting a WinDBG dump:
1. start "windbg x86"
2. hit Crtl+E to open "Open Executable" dialog
3. select R# Ultimate Installer (JetBrains.ReSharperUltimate.2016.2.2.exe) | hit Open
4. enter the following command: sxd av
5. hit F5 so the installer will be running again
6. proceed the installation
7. when it crashes, please enter the following commands one by one:

.loadby sos clr
~* e !ClrStack
~* k

Then select all the text, paste to a new text file and attach it to the ticket.


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thank you for your answer, i had installed the Resharper after reinstall my win 10 system.

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Thanks for the update!


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