Can ReSharper do that?

Hi. I try use Resharper but it's a pain. (after Vassits X or default VS )

And i have few questsions:

  1. Tooltips on mouseover like IntelliSense ? 
  2. Eval macro values, or constant variable values show in tooltip (point 1) or in Parameter Info, or in autocomplete list ?
  3. In some cases Resharper can't show me function from parent class which can be overrided, but if i write function manually - resharper know her and ask me about add override identificator.
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  1. Tooltips will be in the next release. Prerelease builds are available from
  2. Tooltips show only enum values at the moment. You can follow for declarator initializers and for macro expansions (macros can also be substituted via a context action).
  3. Could you please send us sample code where this problem occurs? You can create an issue in our issue tracker ( and attach files or a code sample to it.



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