Issue "Cannot resolve symbol' in cshtml view when having nested models.



I just upgraded to the last stable version of Resharper, before that all cshtml view where ginving cannot resolve symbols for razor markup, so I had to disable Resharper for core projects, now with the new update razor markup is recognized, but I have a view with nested models,

like so:


public Class ModelA


    public ModelB Submodel {get;set;}


public Class ModelB


   public int Id {get;set;}



in view using <label asp-for="SubModel.Id"></label> show the cannot resolve symbol error, if I remove the '.Id' part the error disapear and by hitting F12 with the cursor on '.Id' get me the definition in the model...
Is this a know issue?

I tried to reset the cache with no success.

Thanks for the help.

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There is the same request in YouTrack Feel free to follow it.


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