Failed to initialise Matlab runtime in debug mode in ver 2023

In the ver 2023 resharper unit test, the Matlab runtime initialisation function mclInitializeApplication will be hang when debug.

The problem links to the native debug mode eg EnableUnmanagedDebugging. It fails when EnableUnmanagedDebugging = true.

In previous version 2022, the default debug mode EnableUnmanagedDebugging is false, but in the ver 2023  the default mode EnableUnmanagedDebugging = true;


To disable the Native debug in Resharper v2023:

1. set the test project <EnableUnmanagedDebugging>false</EnableUnmanagedDebugging> in vcxproj files (under PropertyGroup Condition subset);

2. uncheck 'ReSharper -> Options -> General -> Read solution model directly from project/solution files';


We indeed enabled unmanaged debugging by default for C++ projects, sorry for the inconvenience.
I've created a ticket in YouTrack to investigate your case:
Please follow the ticket or leave a comment there so we'll be able to request logs or additional details.


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