autocomplete within string interpolation

Im aware doing any autocomplete between quotation marks would inherently be non ideal.
BUT… i feel when using string interpolation, it is so common to insert a variable requiring an open and close bracket, that it would be quite advantageous actually.

I know im likely just going to need to make a feature request, but first Ill ask if there is anyway current way to do this that is already built in.

Please advise



Sorry for the delay in responding.

Could you please provide some code sample demonstrating the request? In general, autocompletion should work inside string interpolation.

Thank you.


Sorry I realize i used incorrect terminology.
I did not mean ‘Autocomplete’, I meant ‘Automatic brace completion’

So when enabled in Visual Studio Options Menu:


When attempting to insert brace inside of string interpolation

Here you see the opening brace does no automatically insert the option for the closing brace, as it would be outside of string interpolation



the setting you've specified is relevant to VS behavior not to ReSharper one.

Could you please let me know which completion is selected in ReSharper | Options | Environment | IntelliSense | General?

Thank you.


@Angelina Elycheva 
Sorry this request got lost.  


I solved this issue enabling this setting in Options > Environment > Behavior:



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