AI Assistant doesn't work

Hello I using MSVS 2022 with Resharper C++ and AI Assitant. AI Assistent  window displayed correctly and display message "Let AU help you.." and the edit control in the bottom of window. I trying to put any text in the AI Assistant and press enter and nothing happens. Window stay the same and no any changes if I try put different type of text, questions and so on.


Hi Dmitry Gapkalov
Please run Visual Studio with the following command line: "devenv /ReSharper.LogFile C:\log\resharper_log.txt /ReSharper.LogLevel Verbose", open the AI Assistant window, reproduce the issue, and share the resulting log file via "ReSharper | Help | Report a Bug or Submit Feedback" or create a new ticket in our issue tracker.


I have the same problem. Was there a solution? If so, I would have loved to see it here.


Hello Tavison, do I understand correctly that you have only ReSharper C++ installed (you can check it in ReSharper | Options | Environment | Products & Features) and you have a .git folder?
If so, please use one of the workarounds:

- disable ReSharper | Options | AI Assistant | General | Data sharing | Enable smart mode
- remove .git folder;
- install ReSharper (not only ReSharper C++).

It looks like you have faced the following issue: RSRP-495840.

Thank you!


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