From the new() auto completion, how to disable namespace import?

For some classes I prefer using fully qualified namespace. With the variable declared with fully qualified snamespace, when I instantiate the class with "new", if I choose from the option within the intelisense, R# automatically import the namespace.

I would like to find way to disable that especially for those classes which I fully qualified it earlier. Any idea where this should be configured?

I prefer not to disable auto import for that namespace, as for other project within the same solution, I prefer to import the namespace explicitly. Basically I want to decide upon declaration I prefer fully or not

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Hello Faulty!


Thank you for the feedback.

Currently there's no such option in ReSharper. In the specified situation ReSharper Intellisense automatically adds using directive when corresponding item is selected in the completion list.
The only way to avoid the specified behavior is to turn off Options | Environment | IntelliSense | Completion Behavior | Show import items in basic completion. Though it means that corresponding items won't be shown in completion list.

Still I've filed corresponding feature request here -

Please feel free to comment or vote for it.

Thank you.

Noted and thank you for raising the feature request


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