Visual Studio 2017 - Font Colors in Dark Theme (OK, but not Same as my Mentor)

I'm doing a Tutorial on MVC Framework with Microsoft Visual Studio. 

My mentor has VS 2013 , while I'm using VS 2017. 

Like him, I also installed Resharper for Visual Studio. 
But his colors are abit more detailed them mine. 

This is my Mentors Theme: 


This is My Theme: 

How can I get his color theme? 

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Thank you for contacting us.

ReSharper fonts and color settings can be easily changed in Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors, just scroll Display items to ReSharper ones.

Thank you.

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You could also have him export just his font/color settings and then import them into yours. Also, make sure he doesn't have Visfora extension installed. The extensions makes many changes to the colors.


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