search by and display namespace

With the 'search every where' (ctrl+n) popup, how can I specify namespace?  Is there an option to display namespace in the results?



Namespaces are meaningly omitted from "Search everywhere" results. The reason is that usually there are too many declarations of a namespace, and displaying all of them would not be helpful. I'm curious, why would you want to go to a specific namespace?



Here's the specific example.  I want to look at the implementation for map in brigand library.  if i just type map, get results from brigand, boost and std are mixed in my results.  If I type brigand::map  I don't get any results.  I would expect to see results for map in brigand name space.


Incidentally, clion  works as I would expect.  map -> shows maps in all name spaces.  brigand::map only shows those in brigand.  I only have this issue in resharper.


Which ReSharper version are you using? I can't reproduce this specific scenario.

Does ReSharper not show any results at all for the "brigand::map" query in search everywhere?


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