Unit Test Sessions - Ignored Tests

Since upgrading to Visual Studio 2017, when right clicking on 'solution' in solution explorer and selecting "Debug Unit Tests", the Unit Tests Sessions window will run a certain number of tests but finish with certain tests showing as ignored (which are not marked with Ignore anywhere as far as I can tell).

Under Resharper options/ Unit Testing I have deselected 'save and restore unit test sessions', so presumably a fresh unit session including all discoverable tests is created afresh each time I do the above.

I am using Resharper Ultimate 2017.1.3 and Visual Studio Professional 2017 (V15.2) on a Windows 10 machine. 

Will be grateful for any pointers to consider.


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Me too.  Not identical but I end up with "Unit Test Sessions" window showing green spinning icon over tests but nothing running beneath.  It always runs a certain number of tests but then just hangs.  I've tried excluding certain tests with no luck.  Individually all the tests run.  They also all run successfully on the build server, just with the resharper runner do they not. 

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Thank you for the info.

Could you please specify what test framework is used in your project? And what kind of project actually is?

Also some screenshot illustrating the problem will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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My environment is

Visual Studio 2017 15.2 (26430)
Resharper Ultimate 2017.1.3
.net 4.7

However, this issue has been happening since I upgraded to Visual 2017, albeit getting all the tests to run once or twice in the beginning.  I've done all the obvious stuff like clearing the r# cache, restarting, changing settings such as shadow copy etc.

The test project here tests two class libraries and a asp.net-mvc project.

Here is what I see, it always hangs after around 100 and something tests, no matter which ones.   Individually they all run fine and as I say they run fine in my build, hence this not being as urgent but it is preventing me from running code coverage.





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