ReSharper C++ is joke or real?



We bought the Resharper C++ Plugin for VS2015 ... but i don't know this is a bad joke or real??

When i open the solution (~300 files, ~20.000 lines) the resharper start to updating files ... always, and it's very slow .. (it wroted in awk?) ...

Ok, started the usage ... i press the Navigate to ... Resharper thinking ... ? :) really? ... why? (i press F12 in Studio and it switch immediatelly ...) ..

And now .. i change the !!comment!! in the file, resharper can't colorize the file .. code completion not working ... 


I think i need back my money and start to use VAssist again ... this is just a joke

 PC: Intel Corei7, 16GB ram, SSD

VS: 2015

ReSharper: C++ 2017.1


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You're always very welcome to contact if you think the product is not useful for you to request a refund. That's also why we have an evaluation period.


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