Speed of resharper on 8GB RAM laptop

I have been using resharper 10.0 and it was really slow on my asp.net solution with about 15 projects. This did not improve even after following the recommendations. So, I stopped using it except for very small projects.

With the new version out, I was wondering if there is any work done in this regard, so that I know if it is worth upgrading.

Official comment


If you notice any problems with performance, please follow the instructions described here https://resharper-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207243205 to collect a snapshot and send it to us.

Also please make sure you are using the latest ReSharper build https://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/download/.  




Resharper has become effectively unusable for us. Even when not crashing, just entering text causes constant hitching, with characters sometimes appearing a full second or more after they are typed. I'm on a 4Gz computer with 16GB of RAM. Disable Reshaper and it's back to behaving like a normal machine.

After nearly 10 years of our organization licensing Resharper, developers are disabling/uninstalling it and we're actively investigating alternatives. Perhaps JetBrains is trying to drive sales to their IDEs.  I don't understand why they'd let it get this bad.


Around one year ago I sent a snapshot and today I sent it again. 

Sometimes it takes forever for the solution to load. Sometimes after loading when I am editing it just hangs for many seconds and I see that it is analyzing code. I followed instructions from another article on how to optimize resharper but it improved only marginally.

So I had switched off resharper in the tools > options and switch them on only once in a while when I do code review etc (not too many times since past one year)

I do not need the super-duper features, all I need is occasional code formatting of the page and finding errors in the code which resharper is good at.

I know that around 5 years ago it was not this bad. Is it possble to uninstall this version and install older version (I guess 6.x or 7.x)?



Today i installed 2017.1 for VS 2017 and it lags so terrible when it auto-complete your code, its nearly unusable.

Don't had this issue with previous version on VS 2015.


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