Resolve XML documentation tags in quick help (<see> <seealso> <list>...)

I am very pleased that ReSharper C++ shows Eclipse style documentation pulled from XML documentation when hovering over functions, classes and so on. Example:

Now, MSDN has a list of recommended XML tags to be used for documentation:

<c> <code> <example>
<exception> <include> <list>
<para> <param> <paramref>
<permission> <remarks> <returns>
<see> <seealso> <summary>

I really would appreciate it if at least those where resolved by Resharper C++:

  • References like paramref, see, seealso: Show the name of the linked subject without xml tags. It'll be superb if that one turns into a link I can click on.
  • list: Show a ordered or unordered list as declared in the XML tags

Why that matters?

  1. It's great help to validate xml comments, especially references! You immediately know if you got your xml documentation right. This way I learnt all those JavaDoc tags because Eclipse resolved them!
  2. Gives developers another reason to document their code, because they immediately benefit from the documentation.
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Markus6687, thank you for feedback!

We have already supported top level tags <summary>, <param>, <typeparam>, <returns>, <remarks>, <exception> and nested tags <paramref>, <typeparamref>, <c>, <code>, <para>. I filled the issue for <list>.

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Great! However, the most important ones are:

<see> <seealso>

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