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Hello all,

When I try to refactor my TypeScript code, Resharper searches through the node_modules folder and tries to refactor all of the code in there as well. I went to the Options and under Code Inspection...Settings, I excluded the node_modules folder, but Resharper is still trying to refactor my node_modules. How do I stop this behavior?



Alex C. Barberi

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Hello Alex,

Please try this ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | Third-Party Code lists.


Actually, I am still having a problem. Check this out... Looks like ReSharper is not handling the the underscore in node_modules properly? Look at this screenshot. I tried to refactor and R# is still looking in my node_modules folder.


I am also having this problem.  I am using Visual Studio 2017 and when I use the Third-Party Code option above and try to add the node_modules folder it gives me the error below. It is true that I don't have node_modules as part of the solution but Resharper still searches in node_modules when I try to refactor and it takes forever and sometimes doesn't finish. 

If it helps I have an TypeScript Angular 2 app that DOES reference things in the node_modules directory (using the es2015 module import) but Resharper shouldn't look in that folder for refactoring.

Please someone from the Resharper team reply to this.




Anyone have any tips here? What should I do? ReSharper is still trying to refactor everything in the node_modules folder.


Same for me: (bower_components folder in reality has underscore)


I just made a post with a similar issue like this one, but I don't have any underscores in my paths, BUT i do have a dot in the ignore path, like this "<src>/ProjectName.Application/FolderToIgnore". Could this be the part of the same problem, perhaps?

Link to my post:


I have the same problem (popup) with the 2021.2 version of resharper as jbweb had four years ago.

Note: We took node_modules out of our git repository due to the size.


Edit: The "File masks" contain "node_modules\**".


Hello Rainer Prem, have you tried excluding a folder by mask to avoid the popup problem?


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