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Hello all,

When I try to refactor my TypeScript code, Resharper searches through the node_modules folder and tries to refactor all of the code in there as well. I went to the Options and under Code Inspection...Settings, I excluded the node_modules folder, but Resharper is still trying to refactor my node_modules. How do I stop this behavior?



Alex C. Barberi

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Hello Alex,

Please try this ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | Third-Party Code lists.


Actually, I am still having a problem. Check this out... Looks like ReSharper is not handling the the underscore in node_modules properly? Look at this screenshot. I tried to refactor and R# is still looking in my node_modules folder.


Anyone have any tips here? What should I do? ReSharper is still trying to refactor everything in the node_modules folder.


I am also having this problem.  I am using Visual Studio 2017 and when I use the Third-Party Code option above and try to add the node_modules folder it gives me the error below. It is true that I don't have node_modules as part of the solution but Resharper still searches in node_modules when I try to refactor and it takes forever and sometimes doesn't finish. 

If it helps I have an TypeScript Angular 2 app that DOES reference things in the node_modules directory (using the es2015 module import) but Resharper shouldn't look in that folder for refactoring.

Please someone from the Resharper team reply to this.




Same for me: (bower_components folder in reality has underscore)


I just made a post with a similar issue like this one, but I don't have any underscores in my paths, BUT i do have a dot in the ignore path, like this "<src>/ProjectName.Application/FolderToIgnore". Could this be the part of the same problem, perhaps?

Link to my post:


I have the same problem (popup) with the 2021.2 version of resharper as jbweb had four years ago.

Note: We took node_modules out of our git repository due to the size.


Edit: The "File masks" contain "node_modules\**".


Hello Rainer Prem, have you tried excluding a folder by mask to avoid the popup problem?


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