Suggest exceptions to catch when typing try/catch block.

I have a suggestion. Modify resharper to suggest exceptions to catch with a try catch block.

For example, File.ReadAllText throws the following exceptions. If resharper could  display these as I type the catch block it would be very useful. I realise Exceptional for Resharper (plugin) sort of does this but it seems such a useful feature that it could be integrated into the stock resharper.

Official comment

Hello Thomas,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Since there is already "Exceptional" plugin which provides the same feature, we are not going to do the same things in ReSharper.


The Exceptional plugin does not appear to be supported, it won't work with the most recent ReSharper.  The last version they claim to support is 2016.3.  Is there some other plugin that does this (I got all excited...).



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