How do I disable the 'Navigate to' icon that polutes the gutter margin of every single line in my C++ header file?

I have VS2015 and Resharper 2016.3.

For every declaration/definition in a source file, in the gutter margin is an icon (two blue arows pointing in opposite directions) that takes you to the corresponding declaration/definition.

This is totally redundant since I can press CTRL+LMB to navigate between the declaration and definition, and in a header file full of declarations these icons are on almost every line and are extremely ugly and distracting.

How do I disable them please?





Hello Martin,

There's currently no way to disable the gutter icons. We'll add one in ReSharper 2017.1.

Thanks for the feedback!



Incidentally there appears to be no way to access the "JetBrains Resharper Support" location from the Resharper page. In fact Ive not found any way to get to this page from anywhere else on the JetBrains website. I t was only through Google that I managed to get back here at all.



There's a link to this forum from the bottom of the page. To elaborate, these are the different ways to contact the team or leave your feedback:

1) "ReSharper | Help | Report a Bug or Submit Feedback" from Visual Studio - the easiest one to use, the request will be logged and handled by our support team.

2) You can submit bugs and feature requests directly to our issue tracker These get sorted and assigned by the development team.

3) This forum fills the niche of a public place to ask questions. I believe it's the least used feedback channel, since most feedback is handled by one of the former channels.



I wanted to follow-up on the original question. I still can't find a way to get rid of the left gutter icons in the current version of Resharper C++. There are some options under Editor|Editor Appearance that look like they are maybe related (Action Indicators). I've been able to get rid of the green vertical bar in the left gutter, but I can't get rid of all of the navigate arrow icons. They're really distracting, especially when they're really dense in header files.


The setting you're looking for is "Show gutter icons" in the "Code editing | C++ | Inspections" page.


Excellent, thanks. I was looking in the wrong spot.


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