Resharper C++ : Generally doesn't work in Visual Studios 2013

The following features don't work:

  • Rename: Only renames the entries in the current file (.h) and not the usage in the .cpp or any other usage.
  • Rename Header : Should be the easiest. Doesn't work. Only change the actual header, now the usage of that header.
  • Change Signature : Same as above
  • Go to declaration/implementation : Always says it can't find usage. The Visual Studios implementation does work however

The project compiles, so something's correct about it.

any ideas ?

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Hello John,

What kind of project is that? Does it perhaps use C++/CLI? R++ does not yet understand C++/CLI and ignores files that use that dialect.

Do these problems affect only one specific solution or are they reproducible on other solutions? If they are, could you please open an issue on and attach a solution which demonstrates these problems?



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