Navigate / Go to File not working on some cpp files

I am using ReSharper 2022.3.2 under Visual Studio 2022 and when I try to navigate to some files, the result finds the .h header but not the .cpp source file. On some file names, it finds both .h and .cpp files but on some other it only finds the .h file.

Though there is no filter set in my options.


I think I found the reason why it didn't work, there was an unexpected error during one of my projects loading due to unknown TargetMachine (NotSet). Since I fixed this issue, ReSharper finds my .cpp files as well as my .h files.



Sorry for the late reply. It does seem like there's an issue when `TargetMachine` is not set, we'll fix it - However, I believe it should only affect EAP builds. Are you using an EAP build?



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