What License Information should be used for ReSharper EAP/Beta nightly builds?

ReSharper EAP builds do not require a valid License Information - all ReSharper EAP builds do include 30-day evaluation period (even if you already used it).

When you're running out of the evaluation period, just download and install fresh ReSharper EAP build from here - your evaluation period will be renewed and you can continue to use ReSharper EAP, basically, for free.


Perhaps something has changed, but it seems with the more recent 8.0 builds, my evaluation period is not being reset when a new EAP build is installed. It currently shows 17 days remaining for me. Am I supposed to just go back to version 7.x (I have a full license to it) when the 8.0 "eval" period runs out?

JetBrains ReSharper 8 Beta Full Edition Build on 2013-07-10T21:45:08

Free evaluation 17 days left Plugins: 1 #1. “NuGet support for ReSharper” v1.2.0.2515 by JetBrains Visual Studio 11.0.60610.1.

Copyright © 2003–2013 JetBrains s.r.o. All rights reserved.



@Geckert, not all EAP builds are refreshing the evaluation time. However, when you run out of your current evaluation in 17 days, just install the latest available EAP build - it will renew the evaluation period for sure.


@Alex, The 8.2-EAP did not reset my evaluation license. What license information should I enter to enable the 8.2 EAP(I previously had the evaluation license)


@Alex, I run EAP on my home computer and a full license on my work computer. My EAP expired but when I tried to installing the latest 8.2-EAP it doesn't want to start, it says evaluation expired and version is only stated as 8.2 EAP, no build number . 


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